About Us

The progressive world has got aggressive people, who are in the race of achievements and accomplishments of work. Contemporarily, people find lack of time due to majority of their hectic schedule and prime works.They are more focused about their lifestyle and professional line. However, in between these things comes up the very hounding problem of security.

For example, if you are doing well and you have a consolidated stem of working arena, you promptly build up your respect in society and money for better lifestyle. Meanwhile, this is the only situation, when you feel obscure about saving your personal and professional assets. This is because you always need to be precautious enough to save your family and your business from the intruders, who can just either vandalise your things or can even blackmail you by various means.

If you don’t find better security, you might ruin your things by yourself as presently, no one is safe in the world. Thus,securing people every time is not in your hand. When the matter of security and safety comes, Metro Pole is always ready to render its best services to you.

Who we are?

We are basically one of the prominent Security Services in Kerala, who are prudent in the Professional Management of Safety & Security. We have been growing substantially and serving the government as well as international clients.

We have also been managing more than 50 sites for security purpose. We are in this business zone for prolonged period and we have one of the best teams for Security Purpose.

Our vision

We are one of the best security services in India and our vision as well as envision is very transparent. We are here to provide the best security to the people, so that they feel full satisfaction regarding their Safety and Security. We always follow best benchmark of working and we prefer best technology, the best tactics to tackle the situation in order to save people from any eventualities. We are very professional in our work and we don’t hesitate in taking suggestions from our clients and this is one of the prior reasons behind these many successful years.

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